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To the One Who Holds Things Honor of Administrative Professionals Everywhere!

Posted by Nelda Jackson on

Having worked in a variety of offices, I have always highly respected and been aware of the "go-to" person for guidance in completing important office functions, help in operating the "heavy machinery" and to get me out of sticky situations. If you need someone to rely on it will often be the Administrative Assistant, Office Manager, Secretary, Front Desk Person, Receptionist, Switchboard Operator or Administrative Professional. These individuals keep our offices running efficiently, maintain the records, keep us out of trouble and head off complications before they blow up and destroy our days. Often they are not given the high praise that they so deserve - thus the need to remind all of us to take time out to do so on Administrative Professionals Day. 

Gratitude, recognition and not have to take a lot of time or money. Consider taking your Administrative Professional out for a special lunch, give a gift certificate for a special day of relaxation or present them with a wonderful gift containing special treats. Make each gift personal and as if you put thought into the recipient's likes. The thoughtfulness shown on this special day towards your administrative Professional will go a long way and can be the beginning of your continued showing of gratitude throughout the year.

It's That Time!

New Year's Eve celebrations, Valentine's Day gifts, March Madness gifts, Easter baskets, Administrative Professionals Day gifts, Mother's Day gift baskets, Father's Day gifts, Graduation gifts - you will needs gifts for any and all of these occasions before summer hits. Birthday gifts, Welcome gift baskets, sympathy gift baskets, thank you gift baskets, new home closing [...]

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Coffee, Tea, Chocolates and Cookies- Delicious!

Mothers love to be pampered, but, usually they are the ones doing the "pampering." Our mother will sacrifice so much, putting herself last, in order to care for her children and spouse. Even though we should honor and treat our Moms all of the time, we tend to wait until those special days...birthdays, Mother's Day [...]

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It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year?

Think of the hideous sweater Aunt Agnes bestowed on you- and expected you to wear- when you were 13. Or, think of your horror when you realize that you are responsible for selecting and purchasing the gift from everyone at work to give to your boss. Or, are you responsible for acquiring corporate gifts for [...]

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Father's Need Love, Too!

I used to love watching my father at work...whether it was in his office, walking down the halls and greeting people, whistling as he worked in his garden, or figuring out the best way to "fix" something that one of us had broken. He was a master at so many things and stayed so busy, [...]

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Valentine's Day!

A lot of people do not even think about Valentine's Day until the very last minute. Waiting finds them scrambling to come up with the perfect gift for that special someone - a parent, close friend or child.Local drug stores, grocery stores and big box stores" score" when we do not look beyond our nose or [...]

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