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Father's Need Love, Too!

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I used to love watching my father at work...whether it was in his office, walking down the halls and greeting people, whistling as he worked in his garden, or figuring out the best way to "fix" something that one of us had broken. He was a master at so many things and stayed so busy, that when it came time for Father's Day we had a variety of interests to try to satisfy with the perfect gift. What we discovered after many years is that there was truly no perfect gift. But, in our Father's eyes, the thought and giver was what was perfect.

The stash of items that we would gather and assemble in anticipation of his special day delighted us as we wrapped and bound them with ribbon. He was always thrilled and expressed so much gratitude. Imagine those items thoughtfully and creatively displayed in a gift box for Father's Day!

Does your Dad love cars? Golf? Gardening? TV? His electronics? Snacks for his Man cave or Game Night? We will be showcasing several gifts that you will be able to choose from for Father's Day. Or, let us custom design the "perfect gift" for your Perfect Dad!