Circle of Life Trilogy

The Circle of Life Trilogy:

Does the Beat Go On?

Embracing Your Sunrise

Wait! Make Sure I'm Dead


The Circle of Life Trilogy, made up of the above books, has been written by Lexington, Kentucky author Kathryn S. Stephens. She takes her own life and work experiences and weaves an informative, enlightening, often fun, uplifting series of stories that apply to each and every one of us. Kathryn Stephens is a gifted author who has been featured at the Kentucky Book Fair and has had her poetry featured in several publications. Be inspired, motivated and encouraged - order one, two or all three of these amazing books for your library and to give as gifts! These books can also be added to any one of the gift baskets, if you choose to have them as one of the many gifts within your gift!

If you are locally based (in the Lexington area), please call (859) 971-0843 to order and avoid shipping and handling charges.